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Trip of a life time

It all started when I was shopping for a wall calendar for my grandmother.  I get her a wall calendar for New Years every year.  I found a calendar with pictures of white washed building with beautiful blue domes.  The images were stunning and I wanted to find out where those photos were taken. The credits mentioned Santorini, Greece, and since that moment Santorini was on my list of places to see, yet in the back of my mind I always knew the probability of me ever going there was very small.

Fast forward five years from the day of the purchase of that calendar. I am happily married to my wonderful husband and we both love traveling.  Our next destination was going to be Riviera Maya, Mexico, but the plans just kept falling through.  Then one day, I received an e mail from GROUPON with a travel offer to Greece.  The stops included, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens.  The deal simply looked too good to pass up, but unfortunately was not long enough.  Half jokingly, half serious I forwarded that e mail offer on to my Husband and said: “Forget Mexico! Lets go Here!” and I got a response back “Sounds Good!”.

And so we started planning.  I have to admit, it was not easy.  We had considered a few times to go directly through a travel agency, but we didn’t like the idea of not having options and being tied to a schedule.

So the plane tickets were purchased through Expedia, hotels were booked and time off was requested. And we were on our way.

A little side note: The following description of the events are being transcribed from our Journal that we kept through out our trip.  Some entries were written by me, and some by my Husband.  The first two entries were written by me, which I can only assume, in my sleep.


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